Sustainable energy

Sustainable energy is energy obtained from non-exhaustible resources. By definition, sustainable energy serves the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs. The organizing principle for sustainability is sustainable development, which includes the four interconnected domains: ecology, economics, politics and culture.Sustainability science is the study of sustainable development and environmental science.

Technologies that promote sustainable energy include renewable energy sources, such as hydroelectricity, solar energy, wind energy, wave power, geothermal energy, bioenergy, tidal power and also technologies designed to improve energy efficiency. Costs have fallen dramatically in recent years, and continue to fall. Most of these technologies are either economically competitive or close to being so. Increasingly, effective government policies support investor confidence and these markets are expanding. Considerable progress is being made in the energy transition from fossil fuels to ecologically sustainable systems, to the point where many studies support 100% renewable energy.

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Green concrete Market Development, Innovation, Opportunities And Growth

The Sentinel Newspaper 11 Jun 2021
Green concrete consumes relatively less energy in production and emits less carbon dioxide in comparison to conventional cement, making it an eco-friendly solution ... Stringent carbon emission norms by International Energy Agency (IEA) is indirectly also expected to affect the growth global green concrete market....

Bitcoin price gains to trade above $37,000; Ether, Dogecoin rise over 5%

Live Mint 10 Jun 2021
Premium Premium Green bitcoin ... Hours after passing the resolution, the Latin American nation has said that it will mine the cryptocurrency using geothermal energy from its volcanoes ... El Salvador’s move to mine bitcoin using green energy has come amid the cryptocurrency’s criticism over it environmental impact....

New power lines in Rotterdam are a step toward a carbon-free New York

The Daily Gazette 10 Jun 2021
Technology can help us — and we’re counting on it helping us in terms of longer-duration storage, better batteries that can go for longer, carbon-free dispatchable energy generation like green hydrogen, these are technology needs that are not here yet.”. It’s on the radar of NYISO and other agencies as they plan for the future....

Agency roundup: Intellistart; Tried&True; Aubergine; and more

The Business Desk 04 Jun 2021
Sowdens is forging a reputation for its pedigree in green energy marketing and communications ... It also delivered the live-streamed Festival of Green Innovation in March this year – which attracted over 1,000 viewers from 10 different countries – and recently gained a separate contract with a global green energy giant....

COVID 19 recovery financing should be an investment in nature

B & FT Online 28 May 2021
While Africa is endowed with significant renewable energy resources, more than 500 million people do not have access to power, according to the International Energy Agency (IEA) ... Taking the cue, a number of African countries are hinging their green recovery on energy transition....

The IEA’s Net Zero to Hit Non-OECD Countries Energy Future

FX Empire 28 May 2021
The International Energy Agency, which has stepped up its efforts to become a major green energy supporter, appears to have forgotten the reason it was set up as an agency in the first place. In its new report “Net Zero in 2050”, the energy agency calls for in oil- and gas-related projects....

The Hydrogen Stream: Germany keeps the lead, flurry of movements from France

PV Magazine 28 May 2021
The International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) called on governments to increase public support for green hydrogen, as incentives should be the key element for the ramp-up of the supply chain ... industry sector,” the organization wrote in its new report, “Green Hydrogen Supply....

Oman plans to build world’s largest green hydrogen plant

The Observer 27 May 2021
Green hydrogen will be vital to help fill these gaps, said the International Energy Agency in its report published this week, which called for an end to fossil fuel investments if governments are serious about climate commitments ... One of the stumbling blocks for green hydrogen has been cost, partly because of the huge amounts of energy required....

Electric provider for 113,000 Riverside County customers files for bankruptcy

The Press Enterprise 26 May 2021
This plan could help some Inland residents see a break on utility bills Riverside County takes the next step toward buying electricity for residents Riverside-based agency to end controversial PACE loans for energy improvements HERO program’s green-energy loans leave Southern ......

Total deregulation of energy industry should be an immediate goal – Taylor

Business Day Online 26 May 2021
Funke Taylor, CEO of The Energy Axis, speaks to MODESTUS ANAESORONYE on the Nigerian energy market, how her company is influencing change, and what government can do to position the sector ... The world is moving fast on green revolution, Nigeria needs to catch up) by having a unifying regulatory agency for the energy industry instead....

Italy's Electricity Production From Renewables Reaches 37%

Urdu Point 25 May 2021
Italy produced over a third of electricity from renewable sources last year, the national energy agency GSE said Tuesday....

How IEA’s road map to lower emissions will affect the future of energy

The National 24 May 2021
The world’s top energy agency, set up to represent the ... An artificial constraint on fossil fuel production will mean sharp price increases and volatility, a failure to meet the agency’s goal of universal energy access by 2030 and a political setback for the whole green agenda....